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Chalet on Nebrodi Mountains

Our Eco-Friendly Cottages will give you the natural warmth of the elements.

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From the red pine wood used for the structure of the chalets, coming from sustainably managed forests, at the warmth of the water heated by the sun, to the light that shines in the rooms, our chalets will give you a 100% eco-sustainable stay. From construction to energy supply, everything here is carbon free. The sanitary water you will use to wash yourself is heated by solar thermal systems while the whole structure is powered by high-efficiency solar panels. The Cottages are located within a structure that includes a restaurant, a wellness center, pool and a big external space.

Our Sicily Holidays Package

4 solutions to meet everyone's needs: Relax, Wellness, Taste and Active. Choose the package that reflects your needs and contact us to book


Agri Hotel da Marianna

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