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Nebrodi Typical Restaurant

The Nebrodi territory produces a huge variety of typical products, everything that comes from this land delights the palates evoking ancient flavors.

Nebrodi Agritourism close to Etna

Our cuisine is reach of many typical dishes, our philosophy is inspired by simpleness and genuineness. All we do is enhance the products of this land offering typical appetizers such as several types of cheeses like: provola, fresh and baked ricotta, hot ricotta and cold cuts, preserves, seasonal vegetables and many others speciality.


The first courses rediscover old flavors and ancient recipes such as homemade pasta with porcini mushrooms or Nebrodi black pig sauces.


The second courses, specialties of the house, offer genuine and fresh meats, like beef, sausage, pork and veal, coming from animals bred in the pasture.


Not miss traditional Sicilian desserts to be taste not only for lunch and dinner but also at any other time of the day, accompanying them with liqueur wines or tea, coffee and biscuits.


You will taste the flavors of Nebrodi Mountain in their essence, and if you wish, you could buy a selection of typical products, accessing at the reserved area of Nebrodi products within our structure.

Classic Menù

The favorite menus of our guests, an exaltation of our culinary identity


Agri Hotel da Marianna

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